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Why Degree programs are better than short-term certifications?

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Why Degree programs are better than short-term certifications?

“There is no shortcut to success.” A 5-word quote with pounds of wisdom and relevance. This quote has a special significance in a student’s academic life.GenZ, the ‘fast-food’ generation wishes to fast-track their careers too. But sadly, there isn’t one.

Though the education sector is swamped with attractive and lucrative options, the relevance of a degree programme remains incomparable. Today, the number of people pursuing short-term certifications and diploma courses is on the rise, yet degree programmes promise a better career.

Short-term certifications sound like a feasible option, but do they help in the long haul?

To understand this better, we’ve given a breakdown of the two, so you can decide which one is apt for your future.

Why Degree Programmes?

Degree programmes have always been recruiters’ first preference. While short-term courses give you credibility, degree programmes will still place you ahead.

A degree programme trains you not only in theoretical aspects but also it polishes your learning further with enough number of hours dedicated to practical learning.

Given the practical nature of jobs available these days, many of them require hands-on expertise. A degree programme puts a great deal of focus on real-world applications. For example, many undergraduate programmes at premier universities require students to complete projects in their last year of the semester. Thus, certified professional degrees equip students with extensive training even before they start the job.

‘Lifelong learning in different aspects’ is one of the many advantages of earning a degree programme from a prestigious university. On the flip side, certifications limit you to that particular stream/field for which it has been obtained.

Degree programmes are viewed as a stepping stone to better options With the pace at which modern technology is moving, short-term certifications become obsolete almost overnight. If you want to keep up with the fast-paced world, educational credentials via a degree programme become a must. Besides, a university degree rewards you with structured learning.

On the contrary, short-term courses don’t yield expected results since they are not recognised globally and might appeal only to a few selected brands. The value proposition attached to a traditional university degree is second to none.

Adding a certificate may make your resume look outstanding; however, it fails to hold a substantial value. Thus, an ideal way is to complete a degree first and then go for a certificate to add to your skill base.

University degree programmes offer increased access to Government Jobs

While there are plenty of corporate jobs available for University graduates, still opting for a government job gives job security for a lifetime. Additionally, government jobs offer competitive compensation as compared to private employment. Since a graduate programme covers a broad spectrum of skills, government jobs are and will always remain at the forefront to help students use existing knowledge and acquire new skills. This is how degree programmes have the upper hand over short-term certifications.

Degree programmes allow you to advance in your field of expertise

A university degree gives you an option to level-up your education. The job opportunities after pursuing a Ph.D. or postgraduate degree are immense. You can take up any research position or pursue other avenues based on your interests/skillset.

On the other side, certification courses never expose you to a pathway of advancement. An advanced master’s programme trains you to think analytically and moulds you into a professional. It opens up unexpected opportunities that aren’t for those who never engaged in a degree programme.

Simply earning a short-term certification isn’t just enough to cater to the needs of modern-day employers. Employers these days are dropping the requirement for certification courses. They are now more inclusive of relevant skills. This means they are hiring graduates with the skills they desperately need to overview their niche departments. These skills come with proper degree courses. Remember, no shortcuts?

One of the critical aspects of a university degree is “Learning for life” or “Learning for a career”, whereas a certificate or short-term course is meant for acquiring a specific skill set.

No matter, what you decide, understanding how your decisions now can affect your future is the first step towards the road to success.
Think about your skill level, your current goals, and also your future goals before going any further.

How can SRM Programmes transform you into a globalised professional?

SRM University imparts multidisciplinary education in fields like Engineering, Science, Medical, and Management in India at an affordable fee structure. Along with a good infrastructure and study environment, SRM University is equipped with qualified and knowledgeable faculty focused on delivering quality education to students in an environment inspired by creativity, innovation, and freedom. SRM Group has now unveiled LEARNXT, a digital learning brand to empower people to achieve their dreams through education. Some of the other benefits that degree courses at SRM offer are:

  • Accredited Degree from India’s Leading University
  • High-Quality Faculty with IIT and Global University Pedigree
  • Career Mentorships with Industry Experts
  • MoUs with premier universities such as UC Berkeley College of Engineering and Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The delivery framework of the courses is unique and seamless. Some of its aspects are:

  • Hands-on cloud labs
  • Flipped classroom model
  • Real-world case studies
  • Alumni networking & knowledge sharing
  • 24×7 Tech Support
  • Gamified learning
  • The robust content development process
  • Analytics-based learning management system
  • Multi-delivery Model

LEARNXT’s exceptional scientific approach to career management helps individuals introspect their values and drivers, define their career goals and develop a step by step plan, and access relevant services offered to achieve the goal.

SRM makes the journey of a student from beginning to the end a seamless ride.

To know how SRM, with the help of LEARNXT, is creating ripples in the education space, please click on, https://learnxt.com/home.php

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