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Voice assistants are handling half the searches today. Is AI the future?

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Voice assistants are handling half the searches today. Is AI the future?

Technology has made exponential progress lately. In the modern world, our daily online searches are not a “click” but a “voice command” away. Today, ‘Voice’ has become a valuable tool for human and machine interaction. Virtual Assistants like Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant, Cortana, etc. have become people’s best friends. It’s almost like we are living the movie ‘Her’ playing Joaquin Phoenix.
In the past two years, the world has witnessed rapid development in smart speakers such as Amazon Echo and Google Chamber.
According to a report by MIT, it was found that that there were 82 log files of Amazon Alexa with 193,665 commands.On the other hand, there were 88 log files of Google Home Devices with up to 65,499 commands. So indeed, this aspect of technology is gaining profound traction and acceptance. Be it songs, information search, analysis, everything gets facilitated by the interaction of human voice and machine today.

Artificial Intelligence makes this possible with the science of extracting raw data and understanding human behavioural patterns through it, thereby, making an adaptable technology that merges with the user’s demand. Who would have thought that a machine would recognise our voice, interpret it, and would provide instant solutions based on that? But we are living that reality.

Development of Artificial Intelligence  
Though the present times are witnessing a surge of VA acceptance, this concept is not new. In 1962, IBM developed a digital speech recognition tool. It used to recognise 16 spoken words and digits from 0 to 9. As time progressed, so did this technology, but it was not used much as it is today. With gradual improvements and growth, Apple introduced Siri in the year 2011. This was the time when more and more people got informed about this concept. Now the VA market started growing exponentially, and within a decade, it has found space in every important event.
This technology is adopting to become user friendly in all aspects. One of the significant developments of this year was the introduction of regional languages. From this, it is expected to grow manifolds in the coming times. So indeed, VA has become the “New Normal” today.
Talking about the contemporary world that is pandemic struck, people are shifting more towards voice than texts. Masses are adopting the “No touch” policy these days. It may seem an insignificant change, but in the long run, as a collective, it would lead to the ballooning of the VA industry.
VA has become a ubiquitous part of life. The uses are further described below:-
a. Easy to use,
b. It is time-saving,
c. It helps in multitasking,
d. Intelligent solutions,
e.User-friendly approach.
New Opportunities Await Us  
The emergence of AI welcomed many speculations and scrutiny. People feared that it would lead to job losses due to the automation of the process. Undeniably it does. The job scenario is changing rapidly. The traditional ways are being replaced. As per the Accenture report, the automated process saves 70% of the total time. Up to 84% of top-notch executives are leveraging on AI due to its phenomenal benefits.
However, this doesn’t imply that it would lead to job loss. Instead, if we look it through a new lens, the emergence of AI would lead to new job opportunities. Data had been an untapped potential just a few years ago. But now every industry realises its significance and are harnessing the best out of it by devising such phenomenal technologies as AI, ML, etc. So an ample number of opportunities are arising in this domain.
Is Artificial Intelligence the future?  
Definitely yes. Today’s reality cannot be imagined sans AI. Be it any industry, healthcare, technology, travelling, etc., Artificial Intelligence is an inseparable element of all. AI technology studies the data and understands human behaviour. Based on that, the machine is programmed to respond to the users’ commands. In this way, there is a continuous transaction between the human and the machine. Based on this principle, every organisation is striving to promote a user-centric approach. They want their client’s/customer’s experience to be worthwhile at all costs. And therefore, Artificial Intelligence is going to be a fundamental element in some or other way. Some industries have already adopted it while others are early birds, starting in the initial stage.
Upskill Yourself with Artificial Intelligence Course by SRM and LEARNXT  
As opportunities emerge in the field of Artificial Intelligence owing to the mounting demand for Voice Assistants, it becomes imperative to upskill by learning these subjects from scratch. This is the perfect time to “skill it off”.
Now before we delve deeper into the course modules of AI, it is essential to understand that it comprises various subdivisions such as Machine Learning, Deep Learning, understanding of NLP, etc.
All this calls for proper training and a conducive environment to learn. Also, these are highly technical courses, and therefore there is a huge need for experienced mentors who can lead the way for the aspiring students. SRM Group has launched LEARNXT a global digital learning brand empowering people to achieve their dreams through education. It is the place where you can Learn more to Be more.
The programmes offered at SRM University are tailormade to enhance the students’ perspective. The idea is to provide them with hands-on training in this field so that they get tranformed into fine professionals to meet the real-life goals of various organisations.
SRM has signed several MoUs, including one with UC Berkeley College of Engineering for Entrepreneurship and Semester Abroad programmes and MITx, US for licensing MITx courses. These international collaborations help students become globally sound. Besides this, experiential learning through concepts and real-life case studies, simulations from Harvard Business Publishing also help students get an edge over the rest.
Students at SRM University are trained from basic to advance level. From students to professionals.
Next time when you a search through voice command, remember AI is working behind it.

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