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MBA for software engineers. The growing relevance and need.

MBA for software engineers. The growing relevance and need.

Importance of MBA for software engineers:

To know whether you want to pursue an MBA degree or not after software engineering, it is essential to decide what your priority on your career path is. Do you want to earn handsomely, or you want to do what you love, or you want to have both but on a larger scale?
The higher you will be growing your career, the less programming work you will be handling. Some people find their happiness for a lifetime in writing codes and fixing bugs. Others develop an interest in managing software; some get inclined towards managing teams. It is essential to evaluate every detail before making any decision.
As an engineer, one can develop a deep understanding of the technical side of work. But for any professional to climb further up, the professional would need management skills. And it makes good sense for engineers to up-skill by studying an MBA programme. Since an MBA focusses on the managerial aspects of business, it helps to understand how your company operates, how various departments link together, and how your organisation relates to others in the global market.

What does an MBA offer to software engineers:

Engineering when combined with an MBA is the gateway to corporate success. It provides you with the path to climb up the corporate ladder, develop managerial skills, understand business as a whole, fast-track your career, and experience personality development. MBA is the right combination of skill and knowledge required to gain traction for your career. With a managerial background, engineers can hope to fast-track their careers to higher roles. It gives you the power to command higher pay. Candidates pick up a variety of soft skills, including team spirit, leadership skills, communication skills, presentation skills, organizational skills, and so much more.

Best MBA specialisations for a software engineer:

According to today’s MBA programmes, software engineers who are working in ITES and IT can benefit from a wide range of subject areas covered by various universities. Specialisations such as Information Systems, Data Analysis, Data Scientist, Intelligence, Quantitative Analysis, IT Security, and Mobile Computing all have obvious benefits for the Software Engineers. Sustainability, Marketing, Operations Management, Finance, and Leadership will also help you widen your professional perspective and allow you to contribute to your organisation’s goals and objectives.

MBA Software Engineers Salary Insights:

As per a report by, MBA holders earn an average of $102,100 in the US, which is higher than $74,378 national average. An IT professional with an MBA is considered in the top three highest-paying jobs in the US. According to PayScale, an MBA software engineer earns an average of $119,438. Below we have given salary insights of different fields offered to MBA software engineers as stated in the report by

Best MBA for Software Engineers with SRM and LEARNXT:

Engineers are known as problem solvers and builders. At times, they get good ideas for business or products but don’t have the necessary skills to execute that idea. That is where an MBA comes as the saver to jumpstart the plan, providing all the knowledge about the business and market.
LEARNXT looks forward to empowering people and encouraging them to achieve their goals through education. SRM university believes that in such a data-driven scenario, an MBA programme in data science will equip students with a cross-functional skillset and will prepare them with cutting-edge analytical methods.
During their tenure, students will learn how to drive strategic business innovation while understanding the complex nuances of deep learning, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. This programme renders important insights into operational changes AI will bring in various industries like finance, healthcare, and marketing.
The university will offer this programme in two modes- Full-time classroom mode and Part-time weekend hybrid model and the curriculum specifically designed for managers and leaders, with 60% focus on hands-on projects and 40% on theory and concepts.
Stay tuned to LEARNXT to know more about MBA programmes for software engineers.

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