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MBA (Banking and Financial Services)

MBA (Banking and Financial Services)-game changer

MBA (Banking and Financial Services)

An Absolute Game-changer

The banking and financial services sector is large with several opportunities for growth. A bachelor’s degree in finance or business related field is required to get into the banking and financial services jobs. But in recent years, the graduate job market has become increasingly fierce, and standing out amongst all the other recent graduates is tough. While few accept that it will take some years to climb the career ladder, others are taking an alternative and most effective route – a postgraduate degree.

A Postgraduate Degree Improves Your Career Prospects

You will acquire knowledge at a higher level during your postgraduate degree, than what you studied during your bachelor’s degree.

A postgraduate degree will help you develop necessary skills required in the industry, and securing a decent job is more likely. It will also leave you feeling confident that the time and money invested in your postgraduate education was worth it.

Some universities offer work experience as part of postgraduate programmes, which will provide you with valuable insights into working in that environment and help you develop your professional network. Also, there are programmes which guarantees a job placement at the beginning of the programme; one such innovative programme is offered at SRM AP University.

MBA (Banking and Financial Services) at SRM AP University

This innovative MBA programme is an industry integrated and sector specialised postgraduate programme meant for those who are passionate to pursue a career in the banking and financial services sector. It provides a Career Readiness Bootcamp to help you secure a placement at the beginning of the programme.

While the goal of a regular MBA programme is to make the candidates be prepared to take up the managerial level jobs, this industry integrated and sector specialised MBA (Banking and Financial Services) degree is a step ahead in graduating a steady stream of industry ready working professionals with necessary knowledge, skills, values and attitudes to occupy leadership and managerial positions in banking and financial services sector.

Knowledge Differentiators

The curriculum of MBA (Banking and Financial Services) is designed with an understanding of the best management practices, industry relevant professional skills and Indian banking regulatory standards. You will get trained on curriculum that is in line with regulatory norms prescribed by Indian Institute of Banking and Finance. You can apply and clear the Diploma in Banking and Finance Certification in the first year and CAIIB certification in the second year. You can convert DB&F certification into JAIIB certification in the second year. You will also undergo intensive training to earn the certifications from IIBF, NCFM and NISM, and Tally Pro certification. You will earn a Harvard Business School Publishing Certificate by participating in an Orientation programme designed to impart best in class management practices for 21st Century Managers.

Note: Earning these additional certifications are NOT mandatory to complete the MBA programme.

What’s In It For You?

A comprehensive two-year degree programme that aims to create future leadership and managerial talent in banking and financial services sector.

What’s This Programme About?

How Do You Get Trained?

This programme is designed after understanding the best management practices, industry relevant professional skills and Indian banking regulatory standards. It involves innovative learning techniques like:

A blended learning experience involving campus-based classroom teaching, synchronous and asynchronous online teaching, and paid internship is orchestrated over the programme duration.

What Can You Become?

MBA (Banking and Financial Services) graduates have diverse job opportunities and have access to both Government and Private sector jobs.

Some of the common recruiters are –

Some of the roles in the above mentioned firms are –

Still not sure if this is the right programme for you?

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