Machine learning courses will remain relevant through the decades. A peek into the future. – Learnxt

Machine learning courses will remain relevant through the decades. A peek into the future.

Machine learning courses will remain relevant through the decades. A peek into the future.

The world we know of today has been significantly impacted by machines and computers.  Data sources are ubiquitous and the volume of data available to organisations is growing at an exponential rate. What Machine Learning does to businesses and our lives remains irrevocably significant and its importance will reverberate not just in the coming years but across decades. Humans rely heavily on the aspects of machine learning to ensure a semblance of security and stability.

chatbots and Personalised Digital Assistants:

Digital personal assistants are just like house helps. Imagine coming home from work without worrying about the food, groceries, laundry, favourite desserts, or new cuisine on special days or getting requests answers on single voice command. Digital personal assistants and chatbots are getting smarter with time. Companies like Google and Amazon are investing billions to make chatbots and personal assistants better at speech recognition and understanding easy to complex day to day tasks.

Home Security and Smart Homes:

Since everyone is concerned about their home security a bit more nowadays, they look for AI-based camera securities and alarm systems. Such systems use facial recognition software, build a record of frequent visitor’s, and allow the systems to detect uninvited guests as soon as they enter the home premises.

Such AI-integrated software also provides reminder facilities, like when are you supposed to go for a walk, or at what time the kids are to be picked from the school. The news features of smart homes will also include calling for emergency needs when required.
AI algorithms and machine learning technologies will soon make convenient automation to smart homes and home management flawless.
AI-powered apps will allow smart-home owners to communicate with refrigerators and pantry robots. They would also be able to schedule cleaning through the sensor to appliance connections and command robotic cleaners to do their work.

Banking Innovations:

Almost everybody has a bank account on earth. Now, imagine how many hours it would take for bank employees to sieve transactions of every account holder each day. By the time they will notice any discrepancy, it would be too late.
AI and machine learning can help in identifying frauds by using location data and the pattern of purchases of the people. These models will be based on machine learning algorithms that can detect frauds, monitor transactions, and record discrepancies. In case of any suspicion based on transaction pattern, the user will be immediately informed. Before processing the payments, the banks may also confirm it with the concerned user about the purchase.

Enhanced Health Care:

The Healthcare sector is also on its way towards AI and machine learning breakthrough. Just like banks, it is hard to keep up with the data of patients and generate prescriptions with pen and paper daily. Currently, doctors estimate the risk based on the symptomatic history of the patients. With the help of AI and machine learning, doctors can diagnose the not easily diagnosed ailments and diseases by choosing a specific set of diagnoses.
Hospitals that use machine learning tools have reported fewer accidents in treating patients and any cases related to discrepancies. GPUs, high-performance computing tools are nowadays being used for diagnosing patients. These models provide real-time insights faster and accurately, helps in the development of new drugs, minimize diagnostic errors, and lower the healthcare costs for both patients and physicians.

Machine Learning course by SRM and LEARNXT

Machine Learning is in the process of revolutionising and cutting edge over others. Machine learning is currently the most promising approach to artificial intelligence. Since, machine learning and artificial intelligence are not, the nudge towards learning them is fresh.
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