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How to get into Data Science without having an engineering degree?

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How to get into Data Science without having an engineering degree?

In the technical world, new skills and roles keep on growing faster than our traditional academic studies. One such field is Data Science; the most attractive feature of this domain is it doesn’t require any prior technical knowledge or a degree in engineering. An individual who is open to work in a competitive environment and wants to learn advanced skills has welcomed this field with open arms. 
There is a common myth that one can become a Data Scientist only after completing an engineering degree from a renowned university or Institute. Well, there is no compulsion to start a career in the domain, if you are a student or even a working professional you can spread your wings easily. We have delineated the right approach to commence the journey in the domain if you do not possess an engineering degree. 

What exactly is Data Science and its Job Profiles?

The initial and most crucial step is to get a basic understanding of Data Science, and the different job roles the domain offers. In the simplest form, Data Science is a field of collecting and analysing data assisted by technology. 
Data Scientist is not the only job offered in this domain; there are several other profiles that one can choose, this includes:
Before moving ahead towards Data Science, one needs to identify the right job profile that can match their capabilities well.
It is preferable to have a clear idea of which kind of industry one can adapt to in the current dynamic environment. As you will be starting a journey right from the scratch, thus it is of utmost crucial to list down all the profiles for you, as one mistake can be catastrophic for your career. 

The skillset required to be a Data Scientist

What After acquiring skills?

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