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How LEARNXT’s experience could be a game-changer for your Data Science career?

How LEARNXT’s experience could be a game-changer for your Data Science career?

“Learning from data is virtually universally useful. Master it, and you will be welcomed everywhere”.
Data science has been trending a lot lately. Either people are talking about it, claiming to pursue it, or increasingly hiring for it. But the question is, what data science is?
In most basic terms, we can define data science as obtaining insights, information, or literally anything valuable out of data. Though, it is often tempting to define data science but pernicious to put bound the definition in concrete. No one can precisely tell what data science is and what data science is not. While it is hard to define data science specifically, it is relatively easy to see its impact. The reality is that data science is evolving so fast that when applied to different fields; it leads to new and incredible acuity. People who are already using it can see what enormous possibilities of growth data science holds.

Who is a Data Scientist? Who can fit in?

Data scientists can be typically defined as people who build machine learning models to make accurate use of previous data for future work predictions. Being a data scientist will give you complete freedom to experiment and use your ideas to dive deep into new and exciting trends and patterns you must not be acquainted with formerly.
As a data scientist, you may need to assess the change in marketing strategy that would be affecting your company in some or other way. This along with acquiring, cleaning, visualising, and analysing data, will entail designing a new machine learning model trained in a way that it could make reliable predictions for the future based on the data.
Students must possess specific skills to be a good data scientist. You must have a great understanding of machine learning methods, the ability to evaluate statistics, possess knowledge of Python or R, and familiarity with other technical tools of data science.

Data Science as a profession

Though learning data science can transform your career, good jobs don’t just simply fall out into hands as soon as you master Python or R, SQL, and the other data science technical skills. Finding the right job requires skills, knowledge, effort, and time. The goal of data science is to arm students with technical knowledge and skills so that they can spend their lives as a successful data scientist.
The first step towards the journey as a data scientist is to look at all the possible job options that are worth giving the time to explore the potential. Specifically, we are going to look at the demand for a data scientist in some industries in the below give pie chart. The Quant Crunch Report by IBM released in 2017 created an awakening in the business world related to data science. The statistics listed the names of the industries along with the demand statistics of data scientists in respective industries. As per the reports, the job openings that fall under the data scientist framework by industries were: Finance and Insurance (19%), Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services (18%), Information (17%), Management of companies and enterprises (13%), Manufacturing (12%), Utilities (10%), Wholesale Trade (9%), and Educational Services (5%).
The average salary a data scientist bags in a year is around $121, 674, though the salary figures vary based on the job profile, number of experience years, and the industry. Specialising in machine learning, analytics, or other technicalities of data science will bring a pay raise.

LEARNXT’s: A game-changer for your Data Science career

Keeping in consideration the high demand and fierce market for Data Science,
  • Students will have access to brains from world-class academic institutions and best practices prescribed by accrediting experts in respective domains as per the current and future industry needs.
  • Learning at LEARNXT will involve hands-on project solving, assignments, and assessments, a blend of teaching and mentoring, labs, tools, community and business engagements.
  • Programmes at LEARNXT empower you to learn skills, evolving students as “T shaped” and “Pi shaped” people.

In a world where everyone is trying to fit in, stand out!

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