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How can a Non-IT professional kick start a Career in Data Analytics? 

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How can a Non-IT professional kick start a Career in Data Analytics? 

There is a common myth that Data Analytics is not for non-IT Professionals. However, it is a fact that several IT professionals choose to upskill with analytics. Still, this domain is not only reserved for those who are well acquainted with programming and coding languages. There are numerous data scientists with a non-IT background that are placed in big MNCs.
Amidst this pandemic, the global revenues for Big Data and Business Analytics are expected to reach $210 billion ahead this year, according to International Data Corporation. Naturally, this spike in demand for data scientists created a shortage of data science professionals and multiple growing companies are welcoming freshers with open arms. 
Those who are not from an IT background and looking to jump into the data science industry or related have many options before them to explore their skills in data analytics.This is not a straight forward journey, but yes, it is worth the efforts as all it requires is some time, dedication to master the skills required. 
Any Industry that can generate data can use the power of science in its favour. Keeping that in mind, let us focus on how Data Analytics for Non-IT professionals can be boon to their careers and how they can easily transit into the field.
Identify Your Desired Job Profile:  
Since data science is a broad field, identifying the ideal job profile and working towards will help you to set realistic goals. As far as the technical skills are concerned, recruiters generally hire individuals with Mathematics, Statistics, Programming, and Business Knowledge.
The long-term aim of seeking data scientist expertise for any organisation is to boost the overall revenue, powering and recruiting the top talent. Once you are well aware of the current trends of the industry and skills required for the desired job profile then the journey will have comparatively fewer hurdles.
Gain Practical Experience:  
Trying your hands on high stakes or futuristic projects or clients without expert guidance and working experience may harm your career. Thus, it is necessary to try your skills and learning on practical experience in the form of real and life-like projects. Also, this portfolio of project handling experience will display your interest and passion for the transition of field and regular efforts will land to get a package from your desired IT firm. Hosting GIT Hub is a gateway to get feedback and writing content on medium or any other central platform like WordPress places you on the radar of the recruiters. 
Learn New Skills Through a Certified Data Science Course:  

Data Science is a vast field with facets of different industries. To able to get more insights into the field, students are recommended to take up certified data science courses from top educational institutions or the course providers, or else making a career in Data Analytics for Non-IT professionals would get more complicated. The ideal topics in the course include Deep Learning, Data Visualization, Basics of Programming (Java, Python), Statistics and probability, and Big Data Handling. 

Data Analytics for non-IT Professionals at SRM University and LEARNXT
If one needs to learn all the skills of data analytics, it is impossible without expert guidance. So the certified courses are generally curated by veterans of the industry comes with additional benefits like counselling, placement packages, and mentorship programs from industry masters. 
Considering the need of the market and interest of non-IT professionals towards data analytics, SRM Group has launched LEARNXT, a global digital learning company to empower people to achieve their dreams through education. LEARNXT in collaboration with the country’s top-ranked SRM University offers India’s first University accredited Data Science focused Degrees and Diplomas. SRM University and LEARNXT together will offer courses meant for data analytics for non-IT professionals. Through these courses, students will get well equipped with the latest curriculum and will get hands-on experiential learning with real-time business scenario projects.
LEARNXT offers various in-demand courses such as MBA (Data Science) – Specialisations in Business Analytics & Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, – MSc (Applied Data Science), – PG Diploma (Applied Data Science), and – PG Diploma (Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence).
While it is not that easy to enter data science without a technical background as it seems, but it is not impossible either. It isn’t easy but getting basics right before moving ahead on to the significant applications is the right approach as is connecting with the finest mentors. They can guide you in the right direction for a successful career. Stay tuned to LEARNXT to know how a Non-IT professional kick can start a Career in Data Analytics.
According to Sridhar Nagarajachar, CEO, LEARNXT, SRM Group, “Your learning experience with us will involve a mix of teaching, mentoring, hands-on project solving, assignments, assessments, labs, tools, simulations, community, and business immersions. All of these learning engagements will be orchestrated in our world-class learning platform
StudyNxt and career services platform CareerNxt.” Buckle-up for an enhanced version of DATA SCIENCE education.

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