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How AI is already changing our lives, one speck at a time

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How AI is already changing our lives, one speck at a time

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have become an integral part of all our lives. Like in a nutshell, we use it for ordering groceries, furniture, food, and much more. This technology has the power to predict what we want and when we want it. 
AI is likely to have entered our lives and is currently ruling the world. AI has taken up all the segments of a person’s daily life, starting from aiding in avoiding traffic, voice-controlled personal digital assistants, instant translation of machines, offering movies or music recommendations, to all the other power-packed predictive capabilities.
Let us have a look at the ways AI is influencing changes in our lives:
Freeing Up Humans:
The technology makes human beings’ lives more convenient by completing the tasks quickly and efficiently. So AI and Machine learning has eased the burden from household work.
It positively benefits personalisation in terms of understanding what each customer desires and what they are interested in. It will live up to the expectations because AI will illustrate how personalisation is possible. Thus, it saves considerable time in getting a deeper level of understanding of each customer. 
Enhances Quality of Living:
With each wave of technology advancement, the quality of life has increased. With AI, people can now avail better healthcare services, more efficient use of energy, enhanced food production capabilities, improved jobs with less work, and more. 
Cyber Security and Decreased Risks:
With the help of GPS, it is relatively easier to track criminals and locate them anywhere in this world. AI Technology is dispensable in Cyber Security. You need not worry about data theft, hacking and online threats. AI Platforms also offer better protection against unauthorised access. This enhances the chances of terrorist camps, predict adversities, and prevent natural calamities. It gives scientists a brief idea about earthquakes, volcanoes, and other disasters. This allows authorities to gather information and execute a further evaluation of programmes. 
Home Automation Energy savings:
Artificial Intelligence-based home automation is a blessing in disguise. If every significant country installs a smart thermostat, they could spend millions of dollars annually in wasted energy.
AI saves a lot of precious time by completing the tasks and collecting the data and providing reliable decisions faster than human beings can do manually. It seems quite possible that AI can do much more work on many levels. It’s quite exciting to see how AI is easing the workload and saving time that can be utilised on other essential tasks. 
Efficient Resource Allocation:
AI can do wonders to help automated processes that take a lot of time and manual labour but don’t contribute to that level. Automation will allow more time and dedicated resources to what companies need to focus on their overall customer experience. 
Transport Planning:
Artificial intelligence is the brain behind all the travel and transport planning. The smart tool might upscale the level preferences in different situations and match them against the travel options available.
Making effective decisions:
AI could be a great reminder of every wrong and right while making business decisions; this could be feasible at both individual and organisational level.  AI might be deployed as a form of monitoring technology that reminds at a source of any wrong thing, but data could become so verifiable that will not pay to lie.
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