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Can a Certificate in Selenium Automation be your gateway to the world’s biggest tech giants?


Can a Certificate in Selenium Automation be your gateway to the world’s biggest tech giants?

If you are willing to pursue a career in the web testing field, a certificate in Selenium Automation is the right choice. Selenium Automation has become one of the integral parts of the web testing industry.
Selenium is one of the best web testing tools for developers in automation testing. Hence, the demand for Selenium Web Testers is increasing day by day.
Business wire says that, with a tremendous 300% growth rate, Selenium has become one of the most popular web testing tools, in terms of job postings during the previous three years.
What are the advantages of Selenium Automation?
Selenium always paves its way in the discussion of the best automation testing frameworks. Selenium is used widely among developers internationally and is considered the best automation testing framework. Let us have a look at the reasons why Selenium is grabbing eyeballs:
Open source tool:
Selenium is a non-proprietor tool and is accessible for free publically. Developers do not need to pay any fees to use the tool. A lot of money can be saved. With Selenium, the developers can amplify the capability of built-in functions and classes and can customise the code for better management. Because of its test script generation capability, Selenium WebDriver is a proven web automation framework.
Compatible with multiple browsers:
For web automation, multiple browsers are supported by Selenium, which allows a large audience to use the web application and access it in their preferred browser. In software and application development areas in Australia, UK, India, and the UK selenium testing is a desired skill.
A Career in Selenium Automation Testing:
The need for Selenium is shooting up along with the use of web applications within the companies. Numerous vendor tool providers can be seen making use of Selenium technology, as it efficiently helps with web application testing. In a short period, the market for test automation has boosted with the good results of Selenium.
With the use of Selenium, the testing cycles get lesser; this is resulting in clients receiving ROI faster. To be an automation test expert, a complete understanding of the domain and respective application is required. Below we have given some famous Selenium WebDriver professional job roles:
Following skills will be required to grasp any of the above-mentioned job roles:
The industries have succeeded in creating job opportunities in the area with lucrative packages. As per, 27,453 new openings across India for software testing jobs are expected in 2020. Around 5,297 Selenium job openings are waiting for the youth, says Naukri. If aspirants invest their time and efforts efficiently in practicing and upskilling, there are hefty of great job opportunities waiting for them in the web testing industry.
When it comes to automated web testing, one of the most preferred options is Selenium. It is quite apparent, with the increase in demand for Selenium, the job opportunities will also increase in the respective field. So, please make the most of it by upskilling with a certificate in Selenium Automation.
As discussed, one of the well known open source automation testing tool for web applications is Selenium. Selenium can imitate human-like behaviour and can work with browsers like Chrome, Firefox, IE, Opera, etc. Selenium test functionalities can easily and quickly catch new and reappearing bugs. Various online courses can help you learn to create reliable and stable automation tests with Selenium WebDriver. Keeping into consideration the fierce market of Selenium Automation, SRM in collaboration with LEARNXT, has launched an advanced course. Under this course, you will learn to design advanced test automation frameworks with browser factory, Page Object Models, and Selenium Grid.
A step-by-step practical and real life-like approach to creating a test automation framework will be followed under this program. By the end of this course with the digital learning platform (LEARNXT), you will be able to write Selenium WebDriver tests in just a blink of an eye. Post this course, you will get access to LEARNXT Alumni membership to be a part of the network of future Test Automation Engineers and students will also get lifetime access to courseware on AI-based LMS StudyNxt allows revisiting study materials & video lectures at anytime.
The course will provide you with knowledge about the following topics:
Stay tuned to LEARNXT to know more about how a Certificate in Selenium Automation is your gateway to the world’s biggest tech giants.
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