MBA (Banking & Financial Services):
The degree that can change your life

In any economy, developing or developed, the BFSI (Banking, Financial Services and Insurance) sector is a one of the key indicator of the health of the economy. As the economy grows, the BFSI sectors becomes stronger and complex. The dependency of other sectors on BSFI increases and it also becomes a large canvas for people to contribute and have a career.

In thriving economies like India, the programs like MBA (B&FS) carry a crucial value. It gives a platform for young minds to understand the important concepts and grow from there. These young minds later become pillars of growing economy. Some of the topics normally covered in the program are Banking Operations, Financial Accounting, Legal Aspects of Banking, Investment Banking, Business Communication and Taxation. With the advancement of technology and expansion of services result in a surge in demand for professionals who can exhibit proficiency in the Banking and Financial Services Domain. The programs like MBA in Banking & Finance management program should be aimed at producing smart finance professionals as per the industry’s demand.

An MBA in Banking and Financial Services is a rewarding career path for any individual who wants to make it big in the field of Banking and Financial Services.

While you are choosing a university for a post- graduation course, it is essential to keep a check on many aspects. This course must be capable of opening doors to the industry. Some of those aspects are listed below:

1. ACCREDITATION/ACCREDITATIONS – Check the ranking of the university as well as the course collaborations. International university collaboration, industry partnership adds weightage to the course.

2. ADMISSION STATISTICS - It is always a good idea to statistically determine the category in which your scores fall in the list of colleges.

3. PROGRAM OFFERINGS & RANKING - Each B-School’s- Each course has a unique and differentiated curriculum. Some offer global internships, some emphasize on other key areas such as general management, technical skills. Think long terms and note down what you want to achieve after completion of your post-graduate degree at the business school. There must be an overlap of your ambition and course offering.

4. THE FACULTY - An extra ordinary curriculum can be impactful only if it is delivered by a good faculty. Learn more about the faculty members to set right the expectations on learning and guidance. Visit the official website of the college and carefully read about the profiles of the faculty.

5. LEARNING MODEL - Each b-school follows different learning protocols such as lectures, case-studies, reliance on guest speakers, field programs, guest projects and internships, to help in understanding different theories behind a program’s learning model. Find out which method works best for you and accordingly make your choice. These days, all the B-Schools/Institutes usually rely on the practical mode of imparting management education

6. FINANCIAL AID - Financial Aid is a significant motivating factor because your Return on Investment depends on it. Many schools offer scholarship, fellowship, loan-assistance Programs etc. Compare the short term and long term returns while taking a call about financial aid.

7. PLACEMENT ASSISTANCE - Placement assistance is one of the most important aspects while you are choosing a university to pursue an MBA.

Choosing the right University is an essential part of getting closer to the dream, and MBA(B&FS) at SRM is one of the best options in the country.

A vast amount of research is required before developing any program and its curriculum. Ideally when experienced professionals from industry and seasoned academicians put their brains together and balanced program is designed. A group well achieved seniors from the industry have put their minds together and have come up with a unique program -

Students of this specialization will be introduced to a broad range of subjects, including banking, banking laws, business communication, wealth management, relationship management, asset and liability management, financial decision-making, financial markets and institutions, and accounting. The MBAs in BFS usually work according to the product requirement of individuals or groups of people and help them with financial solutions.

Aspect: MBA (B&FS) offered by SRM University

Accreditation/Accreditations: SRM has signed several MoUs, including one with UC Berkeley College of Engineering for Entrepreneurship and Semester Abroad programs and MITx, US for licensing MITx courses. World class campus The MBA (B&FS) course also covers Harvard Business School Publishing content through colleberation.

Admission Statistics: NA

Program Offerings & Ranking: Along with MBA degree, 4 certifications which are valued in the industry can be completed. (NISM, NCFM, IIBF, and CALLB prep) Industry oriented design gives hands on experience of multiple tools commonly used in the industry. (Excel, tally, Finacle & FlexCube

Faculty: More than 90% of faculty have 10+ years of experience, PhD from well reputed university

Learning Model: Unique 21st century model – 1st year in campus and 2nd year internship + blended learning

Financial Aid: Earn while you learn program (paid internship) + Loans and scholarships are available

Placement Assistance: Internship is assured as soon as your admission is confirmed. Most of the internships translate into job upon completion of the degree.

Gandhali Sewak

AVP, Learning Practice

Green Pearl Education