10 things to know before choosing any
professional career

Choosing a professional career can be challenging for young aspirants especially in the current fast-changing environment. Generally, whenever we choose a profession, we make sure it has a proposed sustainability of around 2 to 3 decades. Changing or shifting your career in a different industry mid-way in your life could be difficult. Hence one should choose a career option mindfully.

10 things to keep in mind before you choose any professional career:

1. Your interest:

Get to know yourself and the things you are passionate about. Examining and creating a list of interests can help bring a focus to your career search.

2. Your Skills:

Identify whether you are equipped with the required skillset for a particular profession. Or whether you can build those skills over a period of time. Choosing a career option that is a good fit to your skills would be wise and can bring you a greater sense of career satisfaction.

3. Your attitude:

Having the right attitude towards any work environment makes all the difference. If you work hard and are self-motivated, you could gradually take up a leading role in your organisation.

4. Education level & Training:

Make sure you undergo the required training and earn certifications that are relevant to the industry you choose.

5. Job availability:

Do some research on the future potential of your selected profession. Is the industry creating enough job opportunities?

Some of the most popular industries currently include:

  • Healthcare and medical careers
  • Computing and information technology (IT)
  • Financial services
  • Risk management

6. People, Culture and Values:

Interact with industry professionals and understand the work environment and culture of companies. Try and ensure that your personal values are aligned with that of your chosen organisation.

7. Learn from experience:

Experience is the right teacher in everyone’s life. Apply for internships or apprenticeships irrespective of whether it’s a small or a big company. Perhaps, small companies might end up giving you a richer experience.

8. Your Passion:

Having a career that you’re passionate about typically equals to long-term success and fulfilment. Most of the successful people in this world have a real passion for what they do.

9. Your success:

Before you choose a profession, make a list of the things you think are needed in a job to make you feel successful. The definition of success differs from person to person. Hence, creating your own definition makes better sense.

10. Will you be a pioneer:

Lot of changes are happening in industries. New technologies are emerging, and industries are continuously evolving. Innovation is the order of the day. Ultimately, your inclination towards innovation will define your success in your profession.