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Banking and Financial Services: Job Opportunities in India

Banking and Financial Services job opportunity

Banking and Financial Services:
Job Opportunities in India

The demand for taking up a career in banking, among young aspirants is rising than ever before!

The banking and financial services sector in India is growing at a rapid rate and is among one of the fastest growing industry vertical. The swift advancements and growth in the banking and financial services sector has paved way for many career opportunities. The banking sector in India is gearing and there are much more private banks to come in the near future. All of these bring in huge career opportunities for those who aspire to become future banking and financial services professionals.

The banking and financial services industry is multifaceted, offering a variety of positions that cater to different skills and interests.

According to TeamLease Services, an India-based company engaged in employment activities, ‘At least half a dozen private sector banks including Kotak Mahindra, HDFC Bank, RBL Bank, and Axis Bank are set to hire nearly 1 lakh people in the next financial year, as they aim to grab market share in the retail lending space vacated by non-banking finance companies’. Salaries will be in the range of Rs 18,000 to Rs 1 lakh a month, depending on experience and portfolios, added TeamLease.

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Job Prospects

Job opportunities for banking and financial services graduates are excellent in India and have access to both government and private sector jobs. Once you complete a professional degree in banking and financial services, based on your technical skills and basic communication skills, you will be offered a role.

Some of the roles in banking and financial services firms are –

  • Branch Manager
  • Assistant Manager
  • Market Analyst
  • Investment Banker
  • Insurance Specialist
  • Loan Officer
  • Relationship Manager

* In order to get into Government sector banks, one must appear for relevant bank entrance exams.

Some of the common recruiters are –

  • Government Banks
  • Private Sector Banks
  • Finance Institutions
  • Insurance Companies
  • Consultancies
  • Government Departments

Banks such as ICICI, HSBC, Kotak Mahindra, HDFC, Standard Chartered, and American Express are some of the companies that hire banking students at all levels depending on the colleges they are recruiting from.

Most of these companies come for campus placements with universities, which makes it quite easy for students to approach them and understand the opportunities.

Everything you need to know to get hired

  • Assure the interviewers that you are a target-oriented person who loves daily challenges and narrow deadlines
  • Be dressed formally and speak confidently as this is a prerequisite for all candidates appearing for interviews with banking and financial services organisations
  • Speak to the point and measure everything quantitatively as you display your subject skills
  • Display a mathematical aptitude to impress the interviewers
  • Be thorough with accounting and financial skills
  • Last but very important, have the right degree that prepares you for the job from the day one

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