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A professional degree vs Boot camp: Pros vs Cons


A professional degree vs Boot camp: Pros vs Cons

If you expect to succeed in the data science field, no matter what you have studied for years, with the right toolset and expertise, you can crack this field. The field is fierce and competitive, and demand students who can stay up in speed and walk along with the latest data science practices.
In this article, we are going to talk about the pros and cons of pursuing data science as a professional degree and through boot camps. We will look at the factors to be considered while choosing either.
Pros and Cons of Data Science Professional Degree
Data science professional degree can be further classified into a master’s degree and a certificate course. Let us first talk about the Master’s degree in Data Science.
Without a doubt, a masters’ degree in data science is the most professional one. Though it is time-consuming and expensive, yet is most pursued by students worldwide.
Pros of a Master’s degree in Data Science:
Increased Chances of Employment:
While hiring an individual, the first thing that an employer notices is their resume. Possessing only an undergraduate degree in data science can lower your chances of getting a job in IT firms. If you have an advanced degree or a masters’ degree, it increases your chances of getting selected.
Networking Opportunities:
Having a masters’ degree will also provide you with tremendous networking opportunities. You get the chance to interact with professionals and build your portfolio in the field. Before entering the field, a masters’ degree can help you with game-changing networking.
A postgraduate degree offers students with incredible internship opportunities that benefit their careers greatly. An internship is the best way to gain real life-like experience in data science and build a unique portfolio. If you have enough time and resources, you should enrol in a masters’ degree.

Cons of a Master’s degree in Data Science:

The high cost is involved in completing a masters’ degree in data science. The fee structure of the degree will vary for each institute and the geographical location of the respective institute. Since there is a high demand for data science nowadays; the fee structure cost has been increased. There is no guarantee of spending so much money and getting hired immediately after completing the degree.
Time Consuming:
Completing a masters’ degree in data science could take up to two or more years. This implies that you will not be able to enter the professional world soon. However, this does not mean that you should not consider pursuing masters’ and rather opt for a cheaper option.
Certificate in Data Science:
A professional certificate in data science will teach you the foundational skills of data science. Various universities offer certificate courses in data science and can also aid placement opportunities for students across numerous fields related to IT after the completion of the certificate course.

Pros of Certificate in Data Science:

Portfolio Builder:
Without a proper portfolio, you cannot expect to get any job in data science. A certificate in data science can help you build an impressive portfolio. Along with providing you with the foundational knowledge, a certificate course will also help you to lay the basis of your skillset.
Relatively Inexpensive:
Data science certificates can be pursued for more reasonable prices as compared to a masters’ degree or data science boot camps. Students who wish to build their skillset and portfolio at a lower cost can opt for a certificate course in data science.
Less Time Consuming:
Without giving up any prior commitments, including work, studies, or personal life, individuals can pursue a certificate course. Being less rigid, some certificate courses can be finished in a matter of a few months or weeks.

Cons of Certificate in Data Science:

Basic Level Information:
Getting a certificate in data science is not suitable for individuals seeking advanced IT jobs, as a certificate course only provides general and foundational data science skills.
No direct employment aid:
No certificate course directs an employment aid, i.e. no employer will hire you based on a certificate in data science alone. To bag an advanced IT job, you will be required to have a more professional degree and extensive work portfolio.
Data science boot camps offer a particular and potentially advantageous way to advance in the IT world of data science. These boot camps are designed to provide in-depth and advanced data science knowledge. Though the information provided in boot camps may look good in resumes, they may vary in quality across the program and may not benefit beginners.

Pros of Data Science Boot Camps:

Academically Challenging:
Data science boot camps are generally full of intensity and severity. These programs are conducted for a period of three or more months, and it focuses on providing as much knowledge as possible in this period. Boot camps offer more in-depth knowledge as compared to the data science certificate course.
Resume Prep:
The focus of boot camps is on job preparation. These data science boot camps benefit many graduates by sending most of them into the workforce. Instructors work closely with the individuals and help them in building attractive and notable resumes. Also, the individuals get opportunities to work on real life-like projects that later benefit their career.
Data science boot camps are also an excellent way to get in touch with experts from the field. Based on the reputation of your boot camp, you will get the chance to interact with the experts and prepare an attractive resume.

Cons of Data Science Boot Camps:

Time Consuming:
While studying at a data science boot camp, do not expect to continue with your everyday life schedule. These boot camps are generally time-consuming, demands full focus, and make it hard for you to work or concentrate on any other thing.
The boot camps can cost you a lot. That is the reason Ph.D. holders in the field undergo these boot camps. If you are not willing to enter the field, spending a lot of money on data science camps are not worth it.

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